The institute for customer managment attracts a select group of organisations as members on an annual basis.  These organisations are considered as leaders within their respective fields.  Membership is open to all sizes of organisations belonging to various industries.  Members benefit from our research, training, knowledge-sharing and networking.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Belonging to a select group that is focused on improving the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Showing your customers and stakeholders that you as an organisation care about customers.
  • The opportunity to network with thought-leaders from around the world.
  • Sharing of best practice and benchmarking.
  • Participation in workshops and open days.
  • Input to decide the future direction of research objectives.
  • Reduced access to Open Executive Programmes.
  • The ability to participate in a number of annual programmes and to get involved in various PR opportunities.
  • The opportunity to learn from thought leaders from around the country in areas of customer management.
  • Reduced application fee to the annual awards.

To enquire about membership to the institute, please write to us at