Each year, members of the centre work with the lead researchers to set a future course of direction in research. Areas of importance to the member organisations are discussed, and a select number of these are taken up by the researchers at the centre. This is an important process, where problems that are of importance to the business and management community are actually taken up by the academic researchers.

Based on the research agenda for the year, the centre then conducts research. The highly experienced, world-class researchers produce research which is of great importance to organisations. We not only examine best practices around the globe, but also develop models and processes that are of immense value to businesses and management.

The results of the research are them distributed through workshops and reports. Workshops are organised throughout the year and are open to the members of the centre. Customised workshops are also organised for members of the centre based on their individual needs.

To apply for membership to the institute, please write to us at: members@icustman.com.